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Why attend St. John Lutheran School?
“St. John Lutheran provides a safe, loving and caring environment where my children can learn and grow in their faith. It is a foundation that will last them a lifetime.” 
-Steve and Jen Zachrich 
“I chose St. John for my children’s education because being a former student myself, I know the great benefits of being in a loving Christian environment on a day-to-day basis. My children, as myself, are surrounded with people who love them, guide them, and teach them about Christianity every day. This school is the most precious and priceless gift I can possibly give to my children to ensure the best future possible for them.” 
– Kate Webb 
“We choose St. John because it is not only about our child’s education, but it is more like a family. Every student receives personal attention to make sure they succeed in their studies with lots of love, and patience. We love St. John and what they offer our child”. 
-Ivan and Shannon Duerk
Enroll your child at St. John Lutheran School with confidence that he or she will be well prepared for life. Call the school today for a tour. 419.782.1751

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At St. John Lutheran School in Defiance, children in preschool age 2 through 8th grade learn, grow and achieve in an environment enriched with Christian teachings and morals. 
We offer:
• Strong academics and a balanced curriculum
• Fully accredited school through NLSA 
• Low student-to-teacher ratio
• Highly dedicated and experienced teachers and administrator 
• Competitive tuition 
• Excellent parent-teacher partnership 
• Google classrooms 
• Accelerated Reading Program 
• Academic competitions 
• Band (Defiance City) and choir 
• Before and after school care 
• Christmas Programs 
• Educations field trips
• Interscholastic sports
(Basketball, Volleyball,  Cheerleading)
• Over 10,000 book library
St. John Lutheran School places a high value on the use of technology in the classroom. Integrating the best technology engages students and develops 21st century learners. 
• 1:1 Chromebooks 
• Smartboards & Document Cameras 
• Wireless Classrooms & Filtered Internet 
Online Parent Information System called FastDirect
Curriculum includes:
• Religion 
• Reading 
• Mathematics 
• Science 
• Arts 
• Language Arts 
• History/Social Studies 
• Music 
• Spanish 
• Library
and of course recess!
School goals: 
• To educate the whole child spiritually, intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally. 
• To provide a high quality program of Christian education that will lead students to learn about God, His plan of salvation, and receive His guidance through daily living. 
• To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the children
Christian worship: 
• Chapel weekly 
• Student-led chapel 
• Lent and Advent services 
• Prayer daily 
Home of the St. John Lutheran Tigers
St. John Lutheran Church in Defiance was founded in 1851 and led by Pastor Adam Detzer, and has come a long way in the past 171 years.

From its first church building on Washington Avenue, built in 1852, to the purchase of four lots at the corner of Wayne Avenue and Juliet Street, in 1867 for $800, the footprint of the church has expanded to almost an entire block on Wayne Avenue.

That footprint includes St. John Lutheran School, which also was founded in 1851. The first school building was built at its current location in 1870 at a cost of $1,150.

God has blessed us over the many years of our church and school, with many good pastors and leaders that have put an emphasis on Christ and a Christian education. Our first pastor, Adam Detzer was not only the first pastor of the church, but he was also the first teacher of our school. 

When you have 171 years of history it’s important to recognize that. We understand this church wasn’t built by one person, it’s many families, pastors, churchgoers … people who have sacrificed to make this a great place to worship and send their children to school for 171 years. We know we need to honor our past, but we also need to work to continue to be a blessing to our congregation and to the community for another 171 years.

To learn more about where we’ve been, about the people who took that leap of faith, and why it was important to them to have a place to worship and educate their children, has been a great journey and our willing to share our history with you.

The school also made such an emphasis to include families, especially the kids, and over the many, many years we’ve seen those kids grow into adults and remain attached to the church because they went to school here.
Please take the time and schedule a tour of our school or church. Please call 419.782.1751.