St. John Lutheran School Scrip Program



What is SCRIP?

Free Money for the School

This unique program allow you to spend your money at stores and restaurants using gift cards by the SCRIP company. The consumer pays the dollar amount on the gift card and it spends like cash at the store or restaurant for which it is designated. The store or restaurant then reimburses the school 2% – 25% of the total dollar amount of the gift card.  This if FREE money from an outside source! You only pay for the face value of the gift card…it’s just like spending cash…ONLY better, there’s a reward for the school and you!

Free Money for You

The school keeps 1% of the rebate for administrative costs, and your family can spend the percentage earned on tuition, school fees, lunches, etc.
Example: Kohl’s gives 4% back–1% to the school; 3% to the family. The percentage you get will add up quickly when you use SCRIP regularly or just for your large purchases (ie: home improvement projects; gas; groceries). 

How does the the SCRIP program work?

  • Go to:
  • Click on “Register” in the upper right hand corner
  • Click on “join an existing group Scrip Program” at bottom of page
  • Enter St. John’s enrollment code:  Call the bookkeepers’ office at 419-782-5766 for the enrollment code.
  •  St. John Lutheran School’s name should pop up on left-hand side of screen
  •  Pick your username, password, and set up your personal account info
  •  Go to “Dashboard” for options or click on “Shop” and start shopping!
  •   At check-out time, you will need to choose “PrestoPay” or “Check”  (PrestoPay=paying online with a credit or debit card; Check=turning in payment to the school before order can be processed).  If you chose “PrestoPay,” you will need to first set up a PrestoPay account. All details are on the Shopwithscrip website.
  •  If you chose pay with “check,” please make check payable to: SJL Scrip and bring to the bookkeepers’ office. You will not receive your order until payment is received.

Mobile Devices

           You may reload cards and receive cards on your mobile device.  You will need to have an account set up with and have a PrestoPay account set up. You will go to to access your reloadable Scrip cards. Call the bookkeepers’ office for the enrollment code.



Contact Mrs. Krystle Adams, SCRIP Coordinator at 419-782-5766 or



Scrip Order Form