Invitation to St. John Lutheran Christian Day School, Defiance, Ohio
Advantages of a Christian Education
1. Surround your child with healthy role models. 
2. Twelve (12) months ahead academically and
twice as likely to attend and graduate college. 
3. A place to forge morals and Christian values. 
4. Fewer behavioral problems and adjusts well to society changes.
5. One-on-One attention due to smaller class sizes. 
Our school offers financial assistance to cover ALL or MOST of the costs
1. EdChoice Expansion – Family of 4 with under 66K income
   qualifies for FREE TUITION.
2. Care Grants available for parents in need not qualifying for EdChoice. 
3. Church GIVE Scholarship available (up to 50% based on financial need). 
4. Flexible monthly payment plan (if required). 
5. 1st year $250 credit for fees and school lunch. 
6. Free gift just for inquiring and taking a tour of our school.
NOTE: Need to apply for financial assistance
before APRIL 29, 2022!
Call the school office TODAY and schedule an appointment today at 419.782.1751. 
Principal John March
St. John Lutheran Christian Day School
655 Wayne Ave., Defiance, Ohio 43512