Online Registration
Step 1 – Registration Fee     K-8 or Multi-Family Registration
Preschool Only See Below
January 19 – February 28, 2020
March 1 – March 31, 2020
April 1 – April 30, 2020
After April 30, 2020
$75.00 per student    $115.00 per family
$90.00 per student    $130.00 per family
$105.00 per student  $145.00 per family
$120.00 per student  $160.00 per family
Preschool Only
$75.00 per student
Step 2 – 
Download a Recent Copy of
Step 3 –
Fill Out Registration Paperwork
 Click the button on left for the registration you would like to submit, then save the file to your computer.
Open the pdf on your computer, fill it out and hit the submit button at the bottom of the page.
After hitting submit, you will receive a prompt to email your form. 
– Multiple students? No Problem, go back to your registration form, change your students information and resubmit the form. 
Step 4 –
Member Acknowledgement Form
Print the Member Acknowledgement Form and have one of our pastors sign it, and then bring it into the school office.
          * All Members Must Complete this Form
Step 5 –
       Discipleship Grant Form
             * All Non-Members Must Complete this Form