Board of Christian Day School

The Board of Christian Day School (BCDS) meets the second Thursday of each month. Members of St. John Lutheran Church are eligible to be a member of the BCDS.
Chad Doda – Chairperson
Chad has a daughter in 6th grade and a son in 3rd grade.
Jeff Buchhop – Board Member
Jeff has a son in 5th grade.
Mary Ann Hurst – Board Member
Mary Ann’s children attended St. John Lutheran School.
Amber Gillengerten – Board Member
Amber has a son in 3rd grade, a daughter in Kindergarten and a daughter in preschool.
Shelly Lindsay – Board Member
Shelly’s two daughters attended and graduated from St. John Lutheran School.
Kate Webb – Board Member
Kate has a son in 4th grade and a daughter in 1st grade.