St. John Lutheran School Board of Christian Day School believes that extracurricular activities, those activities not required by law or board policy, are an essential part of the school climate and can be beneficial to students in building character, attaining skills for life, and developing capabilities to perform in front of an audience. Because these activities are in addition to the regular school program, certain guidelines listed below have been developed to insure that they will benefit all students eligible and also be safe and effectively run programs.

The following sports are presently offered as extracurricular activities.
                Sport                                     Grade levels                           Participants                                  Season           
  1. Volleyball                                      Gr. 4 – 8                                   Girls                                               Fall
  2. Basketball                                     Gr. 4 – 8                             Girls & Boys                                      Winter
  3. Cheerleading                                Gr. K – 8                                   Girls                                             Winter

 Athletic Information

Sports Physicals

Dr. Kemper will be at the school Tuesday, May 7 at 3:30 pm to do Sports Physicals.
2018 – 2019 Sports Calendar